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17kw to 20KW unit shown.
8kw to 60KW Units available
Briggs & Stratton, a trusted
name in power for a century, is
proud to offer the world’s first
series of High Efficiency Home
Generator Systems. Whether
you are home or away when
the power goes out, our Home
Generator Systems will provide
fully automatic operation and a
permanent connection to natural
gas or propane for years of
reliable whole house standby
protection. Superior design
means half the size, half the
sound, half the fuel consumption,
and half the price of most
competitive systems.
You don’t need a larger
generator to get premium
comfort, just a smarter one.
Premium Features for Premium Comfort
Fully Automatic – Advanced electronics will detect a utility power
outage and automatically start the generator whether you are
home or away.
Vanguard™ V-Twin Engines – An industry leading commercial
grade Big Block™ air-cooled engine provides powerful, quiet,
durable performance for large, power hungry homes - perfect
for years of heavy-duty standby power.
Sound Shield™ Technology – Engineered air passages, an
automotive-style exhaust system and acoustic foam dampeners
ensure quiet operation. (65 - 68dB under normal load)
CoastGuard™ All-Climate Enclosure – Features heat/rust
proof polymer vents and louvers, rounded corners and a 3-step
automotive rust proofing & wet coat paint process for years of
durable outdoor protection - perfect for extreme weather and
salt air conditions.
Turn Key Extras – Each system includes a battery charger,
hour meter, and installation pad. The engine also comes pre-filled
with synthetic oil and is pre-run at the factory, saving you time
and money.
Premium Warranty – 4 year limited - your guarantee of quality
and performance.
Legendary Service & Support – From professional sizing and
delivery to installation & service, trust the proven experts at
Briggs & Stratton for complete peace of mind.

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When the power goes off the Briggs Standby comes on, automaticly